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Topical Ocular Formulation Using Cannabinoids For Glaucoma Under Development

From ASCRS EyeWorld Weekly Update March 31, 2017 Voume 22, Number 13

A topical ocular formulation of tetrahydrocannabinol-valine-hemisuccinate (THCVHS), a prodrug of THC, will be further developed in an agreement between Nanomerics (London) and NEMUS Bioscience (Costa Mesa, California). Tetrahydrocannabinol-valine-hemisuccinate is an active component of the drug candidate NB1111 (NEMUS Bioscience), which is under development for glaucoma treatment. The companies plan to conduct initial studies to assess the preparation of clinical-grade eye drops using a patented approach called Molecular Envelope Technology, which is developed by Nanomerics. “Historically, it has been challenging to formulate hydrophobic, or fat-soluble, cannabinoid molecules for efficient and predictable entry into the body, especially the eye,” said Brian Murphy, MD, MBA, Nemus CEO and chief medical officer, in a press release. The collaboration between the companies is an important step before human studies begin, he said.

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