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Eye makeup tips to help keep your eyes healthy and beautiful

Eye makeup tips to help keep your eyes healthy and beautiful

eye makeup

Eye Do:

  • Make sure your face and eyelids are clean before applying your makeup
  • Apply makeup outside the lash line and away from your eye to avoid blocking the oil glands that help protect your eye’s surface
  • Before you go to bed, remove all eye makeup, especially makeup that can stick to your eyelashes
  • Avoid getting makeup remover in your eyes and thoroughly rinse remover off your eyelids
  • Try to avoid powdery, metallic, or glittery makeup that flakes. Flakes can get into your tear film and cause irritation
  • Brush a clean cotton swab along the base of your eyelashes to remove all makeup remnants

Eye Don’t (ouch!):

  • Apply makeup while you’re in a moving vehicle
  • Separate mascara-clumped lashes with anything sharp or pointy

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