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It’s Sunglass Season!

Hey! Even in Cleveland the sun comes out. It’s just turned summer, and we are National Champions!

maui jimChampions know about doing the best for their eyesight and at Skyvision we have everything to meet your sunglasses needs. We have high fashion names like Diane Von Furstenberg and Michael Kors, and we also have some of the most high-tech offerings from companies like Maui Jim, and Nike.

So why would you want to wear sunglasses? Well, there are two very important reasons to think about wearing sunglasses, even when it’s not terribly sunny out. The first, and most important reason, is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light. UV light is actually toxic to many of the structures in the eye including the lens and the retina. There is some very good research that shows that prolonged exposure to UV light causes cataracts, and in people with light colored eyes there seems to be an association between ultraviolet light exposure and macular degeneration.
maui jimWhy else might you wear sunglasses? Lens technology has advanced so far in sunglasses that it’s actually possible to ENHANCE your vision for a particular activity by wearing the appropriate type of sunglasses. For instance, the Nike Speed lens is dynamite for baseball and even for basketball players! Nike also makes the very best lens for golf with lenses that enhance your ability to see contour and multiple shades of green on the golf course.

Whether you need non-prescription or prescription sunglasses, the experienced staff will help you decide on the best pair. You may find that Skyvision centers is your family’s headquarters for all of your sunglasses needs!